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Polk Street Beautification Project

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Adding from the ground up!
In conjunction with EARTH DAY 2007, PSBP implement the third phase of planting to the existing medians between Hwy 67 and Red Bird Lane on Saturday, April 28th.
Immediate NEED!!!
We are in need of community givers to help with watering the floral beds/trees or provide $$ donations toward the cost of having a landscape company do it for us.  Please email us @ if interested in helping with our current watering  situation. 

***********Progress Report*********

Fall 2005 Membership Newsletter
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As soon as the issue of our newsletter is complete, it will be added to this section here. Each month the newsletter will include latest news, interesting facts, upcoming events.

We are always looking for new ideas and topics for the monthly newsletter. If you have an idea or would be interested in writing an article, please let us know.

Gardening Tips   
1. When planing you flower beds, make sure to plant some varieties which can be dried for winter arrangements.                                    
2. When purchasing plants, opt for ones that aren't yet in bloom. Many plants without blossoms will actually bloom sooner when planted
 than those already in bloom and often will grow better.                       
3. For your flower bed borders, consider scattering poppy seeds. The seeds don't need to be covered and will grow quite rapidly which will give a colorful border in no time.                                       
4. When planting trees, be sure not to add organic matter to the soil. Organic matter won't help with the trees growth or to establish it and can make it so the tree roots don't spread in the ground properly. When you dig a hole, make sure to keep the soil removed so that you can fill  in the tree with it.                                                    

PSBP Progress Report
Mowmentum Grant
Status:  Pending City of Dallas Approval
The Mowmentum Application and Grant Application has been submitted to the City of Dallas. 
501(c) Application
Status:  Approval
The Tax Exempt status application has been received by the IRS.  PSBP has been granted 501(c) 4 status.
Fix-Up Committee
TXU Light Poles
Status:  Completed
TXU has begun to paint the street light poles in the median per our request.  The newly painted poles are being painted silver to match the metal ones. The poles between Hwy 67 and Red Bird Lane have all been painted. 
Clean-Up Committee
Status:  In progress
The Clean-up committee has begun trash pickup along Polk St.  More volunteers are needed for schedule consistency. 
Green-Up Committee
Status:  In progress
The Green-up committee has begun pulling weeds from Crepe Myrtle trees on  Polk St.  Plans are being made to add much needed mulch.  More volunteers are needed for schedule consistency.  Donation of mulch needed.

P O Box 765274  *  Dallas, TX   75376  
(214) 374-0766